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Marcus Allen

Guest: Marcus Allen (Moon Landing Conspiracy)  May 23rd, 2017 8pm EST ( Marcus's Website)

Marcus Allen is the UK publisher of Nexus Magazine, which originates from Australia and is now available throughout America. Introducing people to Nexus Magazine has been his work and his hobby for over 20 years. He considers that there are 2 types of people in the world - those who read Nexus and those who are about to. Marcus has also spent over 20 years researching Apollo and the photographs as presented by NASA as evidence for landing on the moon. The numerous anomalies, inconsistencies and unexplained details already identified in them have persuaded him that serious doubts exist for the reality of those Apollo moon landings.



Dr. Paul Smith

Guest: Dr. Paul Smith  (Military Remote Viewing) May 23rd, 2017 9pm EST (Paul's Website)

Dr. Paul H. Smith (Major, US Army, ret.) performed his first remote viewing in September 1983 as a new member of what eventually became known as the Star Gate military remote viewing program. He learned remote viewing during twelve months of personal training with the legendary Ingo Swann, the originator of remote viewing, and Dr. Harold E. Puthoff, director of the CIA's (later Department of Defense's) official remote viewing program at Stanford Research Institute (now SRI-International). Paul went on for additional training with F. Holmes "Skip" Atwater, the founder and longest-serving training and operations officer of the Army's elite remote viewing unit at Ft. George G. Meade, Maryland. At the end of his training, and already with operational remote viewing experience under his belt, then-Captain Smith was asked to compile and author the Defense Intelligence Agency's official remote viewing training manual - of which Ingo Swann later said "You've done me great honor in taking the time and effort to produce such a comprehensive and accurate document.

For another five years (for a total of seven as a military remote viewer), Paul worked as a first-line operational remote viewer, tasked to collect intelligence against foreign threats using the remote viewing discipline. In addition to his intelligence work, he also continued with major training duties, participating extensively in the instruction of every new CRV trainee that joined the unit between 1984 and 1990 -- among them Lyn Buchanan, Mel Riley, and David Morehouse, all of whom have gone on to achieve notoriety in the remote viewing field. Paul has the longest experience as a remote viewing methodology instructor of anyone teaching RV publicly today. 

After an emergency deployment out of the remote viewing unit to the 101st Airborne Division for Desert Storm, Paul continued to work part time as a remote viewer and, upon his retirement in 1996, started Remote Viewing Instructional Services, Inc. in early 1997. Relying on his extensive experience training military remote viewers, he has carefully trained hundreds of civilians in the various remote viewing and dowsing techniques he himself was taught and helped further develop as a member of Project Star Gate. In the course of earning a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Texas at Austin, Paul has continued to take university-level coursework in human perception, the psychology of learning, the philosophy of mind, and the nature of conscious, all of which has added significantly to the quality of his remote viewing training. His primary academic and scientific focus has been philosophy of mind, consciousness, and philosophy of science.

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