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Haunted Voices Magazine

Haunted Voices Magazine has arrived!  Amazing articles, News, and behind the scenes stories! Click below to download FREE! Come on... you know your curious!

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/brennan Storr

Guest: Brennan Storr (Author) August 29th, 2017 9pm EST ( Brennan's Website)

Canadian Brennan Storr is a researcher with a lifelong interest in the paranormal. He has written articles for several publications, including the Diversity Reporter, What's Up Victoria and the Revelstoke Current. He currently works in a haunted office building in Victoria, Canada, the most haunted city on the Western Canadian coast. Former atheist-turned-believer, he has been subject to an accidental exorcism and has had encounters with shadow people. He also is an avid night photographer.



James Cloud

 Guest: James Cloud (Archbishop)A Deadly Haunting) August 29th, 2017 10pm EST (James's Website)

Archbishop Cloud has had supernatural/paranormal experiences for most of his life. He is currently the Superior of the Order of Exorcists for the Advent International Catholic Church as well as an affiliate member of the Sacred Order of Saint Michael. He has been an active exorcist for over twenty years. He holds a Doctorate of Theology and a Doctorate of Divinity. He also holds a Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy which he has used to work with families and individuals dealing with mental health and relational issues. He is also a drug and alcohol counselor and has worked with addicts and their families to help them find recovery and support.

His personal experiences regarding the supernatural and paranormal began in 1976 when he was four years old. He and his family witnessed three UFOs hovering over their house and that evening he had a close encounter of the third kind. From the age of four onward he regularly saw the shadow people and was harassed by entities. His apprenticeship as an exorcist began as an adolescent as he watched his father who was a Pentecostal minister cast out spirits by the power of Christ. His father taught him what it meant to take authority over the entities and to glorify God through the process. Archbishop Cloud has worked on hundreds of cases over the years and has written a book recounting some of the cases he has worked on as well as his own family history of the paranormal which has shaped his life and faith. Archbishop Cloud has used both the Roman Rite and the Orthodox Rites of exorcism to achieve peace and healing in the lives of those whom he works with.

A quote which he uses in his work and that he developed over the years is, “Change is the only constant in life. The mountains rise and fall, rivers change their course, and even the placement of the universe and its contents continually change. Therefore, we should not be surprised when events occur that change our lives forever. The happiest people are the ones who are the most adaptable to personal change.”

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